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Documentation of individual opinions, grafittis, notes, posters, etc on walls and other surfaces in public especially in Berlin-Kreuzkölln and elsewhere for brainstorming of the general public taken and recorded by DIETMAR KIRVES

No action should be taken against "wild billposting".

Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. Incentives to buy can be read there as well as event information. And sometimes also private search calls ("Cat escaped") or even vows of love. We are talking about the notices that are now attached to almost every light or traffic light pole in the district. As well as other areas in the public space. For the SPD district deputy Uwe Hübsch, this wild billposting represented a "misuse damaging the cityscape". He demanded that action be taken against it. In the meantime, however, Hübsch himself has withdrawn his motion. During the committee deliberations, resistance arose due to the unclear wording. Hübsch defended his initiative by saying that he wanted to raise awareness of the issue. He would certainly not eliminate the problem completely.

Which is also not at all desired by a majority. Rather, there is a certain leniency there with this type of messaging.

The users of the surfaces are mostly small enterprises and organizers or even not commercial offerers, who would not have at all the money to spread on large advertising boards their messages. If rigid action is taken against them, this will at best help the larger and more potent competition. The fact that in the meantime one or the other well-known company also finds this way of advertising quite cool and can also be found at traffic lights and lampposts is to be chalked up as an unpleasant side effect. The space, in order to make at all still on itself attentive, became even more narrowly, found the Greens-Bezirksvergeordnete Gärtner. Already therefore each apparently still free surface is used. Whereby from free surfaces at many light poles also no more the speech can be. ... What leads to the fact that some lampposts have grown almost to twice their circumference. ---tf | Source: Berliner Woche Nr. 18 on 04/29/2015